CEDE Foundation: Active citizenship

Active citizenship

Reducing barriers which hinder citizens in active political and democratic participation, creating unequal power relations which perpetuate and underpin poverty and need to be addressed both at the institutional and community levels.

The Foundation’s active citizenship initiative fosters mutual understanding between young people in different communities through inclusive and constructive engagement and networking, resulting to reduction in prejudices, stereo-tying, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia and gang culture.

At CEDE Foundation, we inspire a sense of constructive and participatory democracy, human rights, active citizenship, and solidarity which promotes dialogue between youth and policy makers in order to increase active citizenship, foster social integration, and ensure inclusion of youths in mainstream society and in democratic life.

Our active citizenship initiatives also challenge status quo through transnational seminars, workshops, structured dialogue as well as by facilitating social cohesion among diverse interests; young people, youth organizations, experts and decision makers in youth field both at the local and international levels. Encouraging structured dialogue and positively harnessing potentials of young people.

We are thrilled by the possibility of involvement in community mobilization; creating the opportunity to participate in socio-political transformation of the local communities through democratic process and in building the voice and power capability of young people who face severe and multiple disadvantages to bring to the attention of decision makers, issues which create barriers to their inclusion in mainstream society and causes the escalation of disadvantage for them.

CEDE Foundation: Active citizenship Increasing awareness of the rights and responsibilities of the citizens and non-partisan groups to participate in democratic change.



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