CEDE Foundation: Recycling and regeneration

Arts, culture and heritage

Bringing culture and heritage into everyday life as well as providing exciting opportunities for pupils to learn outside the classroom. We are committed to delivering a broad and balanced range of rich arts, culture and heritage opportunities through series of community engagements.

Pupil Engagement Through Music

CEDE Foundation: Music and Singing Festival

Building pupils engagement through music, regardless of faith, race, background and age. Our objective is to improve pupils spatial-reasoning skills, memory, emotional skills, social skills and stress management abilities. Music skills are also able to improve comprehension in mathematics and help developmentally challenged young people.

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A Distinctive Romanesque Design

An inseparable part of Ordsall’s past and can offer excellent opportunities for her culture and economic future. A source of local pride and identity and a reminder of Ordsall’s culture and complexity. The building depicts both a famous and recognisable dramatic of the community giving visitors an opportunity to witness it’s aesthetic and cultural history.

CEDE Foundation: Regeneration of former St Ignatius Church Ordsall Salford

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Cutural Integration of BME Communities

CEDE Foundation: Regeneration of former St Ignatius Church Ordsall Salford

Culture, ethnicity and faith are all important elements in how BME communities perceive themselves and relate to others. Everyone has a cultural identity whether they are religious or not. Community cohesion through cultural diversity recognising it as key component engagement and a way for the people to connect to their heritage.

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