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Your unwanted items could transform the lives of millions of children and young people living in poverty. So please have a good clear out and donate your unwanted items to CEDE Foundation

What to donate

* Good quality, clean clothing and shoes
* Bags and accessories
* Jewellery and valuables
* Books
* CDs, vinyl, DVDs, videos, musical instruments
* Homewares
* Soft furnishings: small rugs, linen, curtains
* Knitted items and blankets
* Toys and games
* Wedding dresses and accessories
* Mobile phones and ink cartridges
* Furniture
* Stamps and coins

How to donate

Give us a call on 0300 302 1639 or complete our online general enquiry form, and we will arrange to collect the items.

All proceeds from the sale of donated items go directly towards CEDE Foundation’s work with children, young people and their families in UK and in other countries were we work.

Gift aid

If you are a UK tax payer, you could raise more with your goods donation to CEDE Foundation by signing a Gift Aid form. Once you have signed up, any further stock donations you make can also help us raise more.

For more information and to complete a Gift Aid declaration form, please call us on 0300 302 1639 or complete our online general enquiry form.



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