Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing initiatives offer a range of workshops, fitness classes and support to help people to live healthy lifestyles, make healthy choices and reduce health inequalities.

Healthy people creating sustainable communities

Our health and wellbeing project titled "healthy people creating sustainable communities" will result in a shift from expensive reactive/specialist services to more universal, widespread help before the specialist services are needed, maximising resources and providing proactive intervention support both earlier in life and earlier in the health pathways, which will save lives, and is considered most useful in tackling health inequalities.

The project will build residents’ aspiration for good health and wellbeing, which will reduce incidences of preventable ill health while improving the quality of life for residents of the neighbourhood.

Maintaining sense of wellbeing

Through our health and wellbeing initiatives, we support people to achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing supported by resilient communities.

These wellbeing initiatives also provide more efficient, joined-up systems and services to support the wellbeing of people who are vulnerable while positively influencing individual and neighbourhood well-being, ensuring that people have the resilience to respond to and manage local community issues for wellbeing.

Outcomes expected

Reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between.

Increased individual responsibility and behavioural change to healthy life options.

Reduced social isolation of older people as well as reduced situational factors which make citizens less effective at looking after their health.

Reduction in the number of people living with preventable ill health and people dying prematurely.

Reduction in the high rate of Coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.



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