CEDE Foundation: Recycling and regeneration

Recycling and regeneration

At CEDE Foundation, we will continue to mainstream Recycling and Environmental protection in all our projects as well as persuading our partners and organisations that do business with us to show commitment to protecting the environment.

Our recycling and regeneration initiative is an innovative approach to overcome poverty especially in a period of global economic turbulence, where natural resources (eg. fuels, metals, etc) and energy are being used up at an alarming rate, rapid deforestation is wiping out the earth’s forests and massive tons of waste is produced every second, the importance of our recycling (through reuse) cannot be over-emphasized.

Our work would not be possible without the fantastic partnerships we have with schools, trusts and foundations who share our commitment to increasing access to books to support literacy, education and development in poor countries. We are very keen to develop new partnerships with schools, charitable trusts and foundations and are committed to providing high-quality funding reports to all our donors. We build the foundations for development, with support from partners, donors and volunteers.

CEDE Foundation: Recycling and regeneration initiative Donating recycled books and education materials to Tunene Group of Schools in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

CEDE Foundation: Recycling and regeneration initiative Using recycling and reuse initiative as a strategic approach to the charity’s ‘education empowerment and poverty reduction intervention.

CEDE Foundation: Regeneration of former St Ignatius Church Ordsall Salford Transforming abandoned church to create space through which various stakeholders in Salford can be brought together to forge a shared understanding and create integrated and cohesive community. More information!



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